disabled pit bull with rescue with kids in a classroom

Pawfessor Keanu

Doggie Biography

KEANU  is the happiest dog we have ever met! He is started as a Pawfessor in September 2019 when he was only 9 months old.  

Keanu was saved from Riverside Animal Control at 13 weeks and after multiple vet visits, he was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Symptoms of Cerebellar Hypoplasia include floppy muscle tone, developmental delay, seizures, and challenges with walking and balance. 

Keanu doesn’t let his diagnosis define him. He is determined to play with his doggy and human friends and he works hard to develop his muscles with pool therapy and physical therapy. His foster family is inclusive and patient with him and cheer him on as he grows at his own pace. 

Keanu helps children learn to love themselves, to love their life, to not compare themselves to others, and to love everyone exactly the way they are. 

Keanu’s foster mom Cynthia has always been an animal lover. She grew up with a chow chow, a pit bull, and a goat. Cynthia was born to be a rescuer and has been bringing home strays ever since she was allowed to walk home alone. She has fostered countless dogs and feels blessed to have a supportive husband and kids. 

Keanu is available for adoption through Be Like Josh Foundation.  

To watch videos of Keanu playing and swimming, please follow him on Instagram @Keanu_562 

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Keanu teaches us to not take life too seriously and always make time to play. 

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