Handicapped dog in wheelchair as therapy dog with kids in a classroom learning about compassion


Our curriculum uses animals and their stories as a safe way for children to connect to their own situations. Our lessons spark emotional identification, break down barriers, develop resilience and problem-solving skills. Our stories help children to value themselves, see new possibilities, build trust and feel hope. 

About Us

Teaching kindness, caring, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, and responsibility to kids

Pitty Pawfessor Educators provide educational and engaging lessons at no cost to elementary schools, children’s clubs, after school programs, libraries, and camps. We use our copyrighted Lucky Dog Humane Education Curriculum which is separated into 7 units that focus on  character building and social emotional learning – (kindness, caring, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, and responsibility). All lessons and teacher support materials are aligned to the common core standards for grades K-5 and social emotion outcomes for grades K-12.

Research has shown that teaching young children from an early age to participate in community service and empathize with others can greatly reduce the risk of developing bully-like characteristics. Our mission is to build compassionate leaders who advocate for human rights, animal rights, and a healthy environment.

The Lucky Dog Humane Education curriculum was created by Education Specialist Lisa Potiker (MA Education) and inspired by her adopted “shelter dog” Lucky. Our mission is to inspire children to feel empathy and compassion for people, animals, and all living creatures. The curriculum includes age-appropriate lessons that focus on character development and social-emotional learning.

Each unit has a new story and focus. The lessons include topics for discussion, hands-on learning, common core aligned expansion activities, and service-learning projects. The Teacher Resources Pack for each unit includes sample letters to parents as well as sample letters for outreach to the community, lesson plans, directions for projects, sample classroom crafts, games, play activities, and ideas for civic engagement.

If you are interested in having Pitty Pawfessors come to your school or club in Southern California please contact us so we can schedule a visit.  

If your organization is interested in becoming a Pawtner in your area, please contact us and we will support you in any way you need. We have also been approached by individual “Super Hero Teachers” that are using our lessons in their classroom. We are super excited to have them in our family and invite all teachers to join us as well.