Belle, pit bull therapy dog with kids in a classroom

Pawfessor Belle

Doggie Biography

BELLE teaches us about surviving bullying and about RESILIENCY and TRUST (learning to TRUST and the importance of being TRUSTWORTHY) 

Steffen who is Belle’s Dad, wrote a book titled Belle and the HotDog Man about Belle’s journey from dog fight ring survivor, to animal shelter, to beloved best friend and pawfessor. 

When children meet Belle  they instantly feel empowered to BE KIND. They see first hand the effects of bullying and the power of kindness.

Steffen & Belle teach kids that abuse and neglect are never the victim’s fault and that there are folks in the world to support and love them as they bravely embark on their healing journey. 

As children touch Belle’s scars, they help turn them from old wounds to love spots and they become empowered to help themselves and others heal from their wounds too. 

Belle was rescued out of Cleveland Ohio in 2014, where she was found wandering and barely alive with extensive dog fighting injuries. From the moment Belle was picked up, she has done nothing but bring joy to those around her. Belle is a constant reminder of the inherent goodness inside all dogs, and the importance of standing up to abuse. 

Steffen is an Army Veteran, proud father, former animal cruelty investigator and owner of Save Them Dog Training. He has a ranch in Acton CA where he rehabilitates dogs and helps them learn to trust using force-free training methods.  Steffen strongly believes in the importance of Humane Education and is an engaging and important part of or teaching team. 

Meet Belle

Belle tells her story of surviving bullying and asks kids to be kind.