elvis, pit bull, service dog with kids in a classroom

Pawfessor Elvis

Doggie Biography

ELVIS teaches us about RESPECT and about NOT JUDGING others based on looks. Elvis was almost euthanized because of how he looks. He was labeled “aggressive” and unsafe to be adopted into a family. 

John (Elvis’s Dad) had to fight to get Elvis out of the shelter. Now Elvis lives with John and his family which includes many other dogs, a pig, and 2 kids. 

Elvis has been almost perfect from the day he left the shelter, but his perfection was almost not allowed to be shown simply because of HOW HE LOOKS!! And if we are going to talk about looks, we think he is the cutest dog on earth. Elvis never needed training; he was full of love from the minute John brought him home. 

Elvis was the inspiration for the Ipittythebull mantra “Educate. Advocate. Never Discriminate” because no person or animal should be judged based on how they look, the place they were born, what clothing they wear, or what language they speak. 

Kids are bullied or excluded because of these reasons. The kids in our humane education classes are asked to think of Elvis when they meet a new classmate - to say “Hello” and get to know them before making a judgement. They may make a new best friend, just like John and Elvis did that fateful day.

Elvis and his family are advocates against discrimination and they  inspire students to become advocates for a cause they are passionate about. The kids in our classes learn that they are never too small to make big changes. 

Elvis was rescued in 2015 from the Orange County Animal Shelter in CA and has helped his Dad John educate and advocate since day one. Follow John and Elvis on Instagram @ipittythebull

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Meet Elvis

Jaidyn and Elvis - BE AN ADVOCATE

Jaidyn tells how her family advocates for Pitbulls and against discrimination. She empowers kids to become advocates for whatever cause they are passionate about.