blind pit bull dog with kids in a playground

Pawfessor LALA

Doggie Biography

Lala is the most lovely little lady! She was rescued from the Long Beach Animal Shelter by Live Love Animal Rescue. While in the shelter she was beginning to give up hope, but she always kept her heart open and she instantly trusted her rescuers. 

Lala teaches lessons of Empathy. She inspires kids to think about how it feels to be a shelter animal, to understand a shelter pet's hopes and dreams, to realize how they feel after being given up on, the importance of solving problems and keeping commitments to pets, friends, and all loved ones, as well as not giving up hope when all seems lost. 

Lala also teaches lessons about Trust. As she sat in the shelter feeling lost and hopeless (as well as being blind) Lala had to learn to trust again. She had to rely on her instincts and listen to her intuition. As she met new people she had to follow her "knows" and she teaches children to trust their gut and follow their "knows" too. 

LaLa's presence will remind you of all the magic of LALA land -she will transform your world for the better with her cheerful disposition and affectionate ways. Lala has special needs as she is diabetic and is mostly blind. But that doesn't stop her from exploring the world and living life to the fullest! 

She LOVES being in a classroom full of children and patiently awaits belly rubs and sweet voices telling her how much she is loved. She adores her foster dog siblings and loves everyone and everything in her world. 

Although Lala is blind, she teaches us all to see with our heart, follow our gut, and surround ourselves with people we trust. When children meet Lala they are inspired to see the world with their hearts too.


Teaching Empathy AND Following your Gut