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LUCKY teaches us about RESPONSIBILITY & taking ownership of our actions, and she also teaches us about FORGIVENESS.

She not only teaches us to forgive others but also to FORGIVE OURSELVES. Lucky inspires us to think about bullying in a new way because Lucky could be labeled a “bully” by some dogs. Lucky barks and acts tough when she meets a new dog because she is scared. Her actions can be labeled as “bully-like” even though those who know her know she is not. 

Lisa (Lucky’s mom) asks the kids to think about the question: “What if you are the bully?” and tells a story of a time when she joined in and bullied her very good friend.  

She then asks the kids to think of the worst thing they’ve ever done, to feel it and the impact it had, take a few breaths, and then to forgive themselves and say aloud “I am so much more than the worst thing I’ve ever done.”  Most of us have had bad days, done something mean, or made a bad choice when we were stressed out; we can’t let those moments define us. We can own them, apologize, learn from them and be better next time. We will continue to make mistakes and learn in life because no one is perfect. Even as adults (and old dogs) we continue to live and learn and strive to be our best selves. We are ALL so much more than the worst thing we have ever done.

Lucky was rescued from Los Angeles County Animal Shelter in Carson CA by the Samadhi Legacy Foundation. She was first fostered and then adopted (foster failed) by the Potiker Family in 2015. Lucky was the inspiration for all of the Lucky Dog lessons and her Momma Lisa Potiker is the founder of Lucky Dog Humane Education and Pitty Pawfessors. 

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