Pawfessors Monty & Matilda

Doggie Biography

Both Monty and Matilda are miracles. 

They were born with hydrocephalus which is excessive water in the brain. The doctors thought  they would not live more than 6 months. But Monty is now almost 4 years old and Matilda is almost 2!

They teach us to live in the moment, to make every day the best day ever, to believe in the power of love and to be kind to everyone you meet along the way. Monty and Matilda are both from Road Dogs Rescue 

Their parents Jaimie and Erik fill their home with healing crystals, essential oils, flower essences, reiki, healing energy and lots and lots of unconditional love. Jaimie and Erik adopt and foster countless dogs who need someone special to help them live their best life. Dogs thrive in their loving care and students feel the magic when they meet them. Jaimie and Erik also inspire the students (and teachers) to practice self-love and self-care everyday because we need to learn to love ourselves before we can love those around us.

Monty and Matilda teach about inclusion and valuing ourselves and everyone in our world. They teach us that If you only see a disability… You will miss all the AWESOMENESS.

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